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SkillsLogic wins Advanced Teacher Status (ATS) ePortfolio Project

30 Oct 18 Dan Bespoke Software

SkillsLogic has been awarded a three year contract to deliver a bespoke ePortfolio system for the Education and Training Foundation (ETF). The system will be used to support ETF's Advanced Teacher Status programme (ATS) - the badge of advanced professionalism and mastery in further education and training.

Sheffield Software Development Team Grows

31 Aug 18 Dan Company News
Stephen joins our busy Sheffield software development team.

A Learning Management System and more for Practice Index

01 May 18 Dan Learning Management Systems  / Bespoke Software

In 2017, Practice Index, an organisation providing a wide range of services to General Practitioners, approached us about developing a learning management system to deliver online training courses to GP practices in the UK. Practice Index found themselves in a common predicament. They had spent some time configuring a hosted virtual learning environment (VLE) solution provided by a big player in the market but were unsatisfied with the inability to modify the system to better support their business model.

SkillsLogic development team grows with new apprentice

22 Mar 18 Dan Company News  / Education & Training

Say hello to Euan, the latest member of our Sheffield software development team. Euan joins us via the 'software development' pathway of the modern apprenticeship programme.

Serving thousands of concurrent learners with NGINX

28 Feb 18 Dan Bespoke Software  / Learning Management Systems
At SkillsLogic we develop and maintain bespoke learning management systems on various server operating systems, but our preferred option is Linux and we tend to use Apache as we have tons of experience configuring, optimising and keeping it running smoothly.

Ready for GDPR? Try our free GDPR awareness online course

31 Jan 18 Dan Education & Training  / Bespoke Software  / E-Learning
Skillsby, the easy-to-use learning management system (LMS) from SkillsLogic, is offering a free GDPR course online titled 'GDPR Awareness' to help large and small organisations get to grips with the shake-up in data protection legislation.

Update: Animated gifs in bespoke E-learning

16 Jan 18 Dan E-Learning
We recently published a light-hearted blog about using the ever popular animated gif for simple e-learning simulations and animations. Well a reader got in touch and sent us a truly educational gif animation - instructing how to parallel park.

Useful scripts for checking Postgres replication lag

25 Nov 17 Dan Bespoke Software
We have been using Postgres replication successfully now on a number of projects - mainly to ensure that we have data backed up in real-time to a separate disaster recovery site. But a useful side effect of having this up-to-date backup on a Postgres instance, is we now have the ability to take regular snapshots of it without affecting performance of the live site, and to provide read-only views onto the data with the benefit of it being bang up to date.

Real time replication with PostgreSQL Part 2

29 Feb 16 Dan Bespoke Software

In this second part of our two part post on real time data replication in PostgreSQL we're going to look at a simple setup of ‘hot standby’ master-slave replication in PostgreSQL.

For the purpose of demonstration we've setup a test rig with two virtual servers. The master server is on IP, and the standby is on

Calculating medians in PostgreSQL with percentile_cont

29 Jan 16 Dan Dashboards & Data Warehousing  / Bespoke Software

SkillsLogic is developing a big reporting and data dashboard solution and as part of that we need to calculate a lot of medians.

Remember from school, the median of a list of numbers is found by sorting the values from lowest to highest and then picking the middle one. If there’s no middle then the median is typically defined to be the mean of the two middle values.

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