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SkillsLogic Develops the Enhance Digital Teaching Platform

28 Feb 20 Daniel Learning Management Systems  / Education & Training
The Enhance Digital Teaching Platform has been designed to help develop teaching and training practice using technology across the Further Education (FE) and Training sector.

Delegate Management & CRM Module Goes Live For HFE

13 Dec 19 Daniel Learning Management Systems  / Bespoke Software

HFE is an active leisure sector training provider that delivers a range of regulated and unregulated fitness industry qualifications across the UK. The nature of the qualifications require a mix of online learning and practical assessment at one of over forty UK fitness centres. SkillsLogic have recently completed a new CRM module that successfully integrates 3 separate systems into a single software solution.

Augmented Reality Learning With The Skills Network New Smartphone App

22 Aug 19 Daniel Bespoke Software  / E-Learning  / Learning Management Systems
This week sees the launch of a new augmented reality smartphone application developed by SkillsLogic for our partner The Skills Network. The app delivers video case studies, a virtual tutor and interactive 3D models to accompany their qualifications - starting with their Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Nutrition and Health.

A Learning Management System and more for Practice Index

01 May 18 Dan Learning Management Systems  / Bespoke Software

In 2017, Practice Index, an organisation providing a wide range of services to General Practitioners, approached us about developing a learning management system to deliver online training courses to GP practices in the UK. Practice Index found themselves in a common predicament. They had spent some time configuring a hosted virtual learning environment (VLE) solution provided by a big player in the market but were unsatisfied with the inability to modify the system to better support their business model.

Skillsby free GDPR Awareness course offer extended

21 Apr 18 Matt Learning Management Systems  / E-Learning
Skillsby, our pay-as-you-go cloud learning management system (LMS) is to extend the free offer period for its GDPR awareness course.

Serving thousands of concurrent learners with NGINX

28 Feb 18 Dan Bespoke Software  / Learning Management Systems
At SkillsLogic we develop and maintain bespoke learning management systems on various server operating systems, but our preferred option is Linux and we tend to use Apache as we have tons of experience configuring, optimising and keeping it running smoothly.

Implementing cmi5 in our white label learning management system - Part 2 - Content Packaging

02 Jan 18 Matt Learning Management Systems  / E-Learning
We have recently been enhancing the xAPI (formerly tin can API) content player in our white label learning management system (LMS) by implementing cmi5. These are some of our observations about the implementation. This part is about importing e-learning content into the learning management system.

Implementing cmi5 in our bespoke learning management system - Part 1 - Introduction

30 Nov 17 Matt Learning Management Systems  / E-Learning
We have recently been enhancing the xAPI (formerly tin can API) content player in the underlying code of our bespoke learning management system (LMS) by implementing cmi5. In a series of blog posts we will compare the cmi5 way of doing things with the native xAPI mechanisms and share some of our experiences of the implementation.

6 ways to grow your training business with a white label learning management system

15 Nov 17 Mike Learning Management Systems  / E-Learning
A white label learning management system sits between an off-the-shelf system and full bespoke solution. It’s a cost effective option for any training provider that wants to get up and running fast with their own branded learning management system.

What is the easiest way to create SCORM e-learning content?

14 Nov 17 Mike E-Learning  / Learning Management Systems
SCORM 1.2 is still the defacto standard for moving learner progress information backwards and forwards between e-learning content and the learning management system that hosts it. Anyone who wants to create interactive e-learning content needs to think about SCORM and you will almost certainly need to implement SCORM if you want to track learner progress in the learning management system.

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