The Complete Online Tutor Management System for Education

Cloud based tutor management software that makes it easier to recruit and manage your own pool of freelance tutors or lecturers.

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Skills Matrix is a fully configurable online tutor management system for organisations that use large numbers of freelance, hourly-paid or associate lecturers and tutors. It's been designed to make it as easy as possible for you and your managers to recruit and manage your hourly-paid staff, commission work from them and track progress, payments and budgets.

Recruit & Manage Tutors

  • Create a mini-recruitment site with Skills Matrix - so you're always encouraging people with the right skills to join your team.
  • Configure Skills Matrix so candidates can register themselves online. Successful freelance tutors then become part of your hourly-paid or associate pool.
  • Manage the recruitment and subsequent approval workflow online.

Build a HR Database of Detailed Tutor Profiles

  • Freelance lecturers can keep their own profiles up-to-date
  • They build up a complete picture of their availability, their skills and their experience.
  • Skills Matrix lets you add extra information.

Commission & Schedule Work

  • Accurate searching lets your managers or Heads of Department find people with exactly the right skills.
  • They can search by availability - and your hourly-paid staff can update their availability online.
  • The commissions dashboard gives you and your HR team an overview of all current and scheduled hourly-paid staff activity.

Track Tutor Hours Worked, Payments and Budgets

  • Dashboards give managers, Heads of Department and HR an overview of current commissions and spend against budgets.
  • You can download comprehensive reports and get a complete picture of freelance teaching staff and commissions in your organisation.

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