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clickLearner - Bespoke Interactive E-Learning Videos

We're pleased to announce the release of clickLearner - a new kind of video based e-learning and assessment solution that SkillsLogic have developed for the Sheffield based company of the same name.

clickLearner is different because it's built around bespoke e-learning and assessment videos that clients produce themselves. Clients then upload the videos to the clickLearner site and then use them to create training challenges - trainees log in, watch the video and click whenever they see a hazard or other pre-defined event within the video.

The clickLearner system tracks the clicks and the trainee gets detailed feedback at the end of the video. clickLearner gives organisations a really cost effective way of creating highly bespoke and interactive e-learning - it's quick to set up, high quality video is now easy to shoot and it's a particularly great solution for anyone looking to deliver compliance type training on the factory floor.

Another great thing about the clickLearner solution is that it you can see how it will work in different contexts. It's currently being used in the food production industry - it's used to to deliver food safety training to machine operatives on production lines - but it will work equally well in any environment where training can be based around observations of good and bad practice. We think it would work well in schools - teachers could be encouraged to video lessons, share them with colleagues and then reflect on what worked and what didn't work.

clickLearner's a great example of how SkillsLogic work with a client to develop a new bespoke software solution - from initial storyboarding to ongoing support of clients using the finished software. clickLearner founder Caroline Millman said,

"We have been working for 9 months on developing and bringing to reality the whole concept behind the clickLearner idea and after searching for a development partner, we found Skillslogic.

"They have been instrumental in translating and delivering something that is more than just code, for instance by providing a visually appealing and engaging product which we believe is easy for users to understand.

"We have been extremely impressed by SkillsLogic's ability to share a vision and translate ideas into reality without losing us with lots of jargon and development speak. They have been committed to helping us deliver a successful business."

You can find out more about the clickLearner solution here:

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