Bespoke E-Learning for Social Care

Bespoke E-Learning for Social Care

We're currently developing bespoke e-learning content for the National Association of Providers of Activities for Older People (NAPA) to support their Level 2 QCF Award in Supporting Activity Provision in Social Care. We're also working with Tribal and the NAPA e-learning content is based on Tribal's existing supporting materials.

NAPA is a charity and membership organisation that gives social care staff the skills they need to help older people to stay active, maintain a sense of purpose and make the most of opportunities to enjoy life.

It's an interesting project for us because we're developing the content with our new e-learning content development toolkit. Based on the HTML 5.0 jQuery Mobile framework, it allows us to build e-learning course content much more quickly and more cost effectively than the technologies we've used previously. The content works on the usual desktop browsers and it looks particularly good on iPads, mobile phones and other tablets. It's great for our clients because it saves them money - it takes away the pain of testing software across a whole range of different devices and platforms - and their users get a lot of nice touch-based features when they look at the content on a mobile device.

The SkillsLogic toolkit is a great solution for clients who have large amounts of existing paper based materials that need digitizing quickly or on a tight budget - the toolkit comes with a standard set of e-learning ‘interactions' and you get content that's engaging, accessible (it meets W3C accessibility guidelines) and is SCORM compliant.

SkillsLogic builds affordable bespoke e-learning content that works across third party learning management systems.

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