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How to get started with Power BI in your organisation - 5 recent lessons

11 Jul 17 Mike Dashboards & Data Warehousing
We’ve been doing a lot of Power BI projects recently and have some insights about implementation that are worth sharing. Both client organisations are in the education and training world but the lessons could apply to organisations in other sectors.

STEM Learning - Data Warehouse and Microsoft Power BI Reporting Solution

30 Jun 17 Mike Dashboards & Data Warehousing
STEM Learning in York is a leading provider of training and other support to teachers in the UK. They deliver high quality continuing professional development courses to STEM teachers - training that empowers teachers to improve the outcomes of young people studying science, technology, engineering and mathematics. They also provide free online resources for teachers and they manage the STEM Ambassadors programme - a national network of experienced volunteers from industry who go into schools to work directly with young people.

Power BI - Dashboards vs. Reports

23 Jun 17 Mike Dashboards & Data Warehousing
Dashboards and reports both appear in the Power BI online service. At first glance they seem to be very similar and anyone coming to the Power BI service for the first time from the Power BI Desktop application will wonder why we need dashboards when we've already got interactive reports that seem to do almost the same job. The are some important differences though and dashboards will make a lot more sense when you think about how they might be used.

Improving Performance in Higher Education with Microsoft Power BI

13 Jun 17 Mike Dashboards & Data Warehousing  / Education & Training
Many organisations would make smarter decisions if they could make better use of data they hold in different management information systems . They struggle because much of their data is hard to access, hard to join up with data from other systems and even harder to share across the organisation before it becomes out of date.

Power BI - DAX Functions - CALCULATE and ALL

25 May 17 Mike Dashboards & Data Warehousing  / Education & Training
This example shows you how to CALCULATE and ALL in Power BI to create a simple measure that returns the start date for each unique run or instance of a course.

Power BI - How to show rows excluded by slicer

02 May 17 Mike Dashboards & Data Warehousing  / Education & Training
This was a problem that took me a little bit longer to solve than I expected.
We’ve developed a business intelligence solution for a training organisation that works with schools and teachers. The back end data warehouse is built in SQL Server and hosted in Azure. The front end is a Power BI reporting solution - a set of management information reports for drilling into data about course enrolments, website registrations and other kinds of engagement with teachers.

Future Apprenticeships - 3 Million New Starts by 2020 is a Big Goal

03 Mar 17 Mike Dashboards & Data Warehousing  / Education & Training
There are big plans to increase the number and quality of apprenticeships in the UK. In England the Government has committed to increase the number of apprenticeships to 3m by 2020 - that's 3m starts in 2020. At the same time the Government wants to raise quality.

Cumulative Total Sales Forecast in Power BI

17 Feb 17 Mike Dashboards & Data Warehousing
I wanted to build a sales pipeline dashboard in Power BI that shows the cumulative or running sales forecast over time. It also needs to show the running total of 'wins' and 'losses'.

Learning Analytics - Build an FE College Business Intelligence Dashboard with Microsoft Power BI

23 Jan 17 Mike Dashboards & Data Warehousing  / Education & Training
Microsoft Power BI is a great solution for colleges (and other training organisations) that want to build and share business intelligence dashboards.

Building a FE College Financial Benchmarking Tool with Power BI

03 Jun 16 Mike Dashboards & Data Warehousing  / Education & Training
Detailed financial information about FE colleges is published annually by the Skills Funding Agency and the Education Funding Agency. The latest available data - for the 2014/2015 academic year - is here in MS Excel format.

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