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Since 2012, SkillsLogic and The Skills Network have worked together to deliver innovative e-learning solutions. As of 2019 the EQUAL learning management system has supported over 1.5 million enrolments and stores a staggering 25 million individual pieces of learner work.

The Skills Network have always offered a blended learning approach, with a mixture of offline (books), online assessment (paper-based learning materials supplemented with online assessments) and fully online courses.

This week sees the release of the EQUAL smartphone application - allowing learners with paper-based learning materials to bring their learning experience to life with augmented reality.

The smartphone app written by SkillsLogic allows the learner to engage with a virtual tutor, appearing on the page, and enhancing the learning experience. Video case studies can be unlocked as the learner progresses through the course and revisited at anytime from within the application.

The app was developed using Cordova, allowing The Skills Network to target both iOS (Apple) and Android (Google) smartphones using a single code-base - reducing development costs and saving time on testing and deployment.

With the new application learners can:

  • Scan areas of the workbook to unlock additional interactive, Augmented Reality (AR) content, including:
    • A Virtual Tutor
    • Video case studies
    • 3D models
  • Revisit unlocked content at any time from your account (all video content is stored)
  • Stretch learning beyond the confines of your paper resource
  • Browse the portfolio of ‘coming soon’ products that will feature Augmented Reality (AR).

Future releases of the application will see The Skills Network broaden availability of their course catalogue and extend access to all learners. Further information can be found here.

EQUAL Smartphone App Promotional Video

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