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SIR Data Insights - Getting Ready for the 2016/17 Workforce Data Upload

21 Jun 17 Mike Education & Training  / Bespoke Software
SIR Data Insights - the national FE sector workforce data service - is ready for the 2016/17 SIR25 upload window. All FE colleges in England are encouraged to submit workforce data - the staff individualised record - to the online service when the upload window opens at the start of July. Independent training providers, charities and adult and community learning organisations are also encouraged to make a submission.

Why you should develop a bespoke learning management system to deliver compliance training to multiple clients

07 Jun 17 Mike Learning Management Systems  / Bespoke Software  / Education & Training  / E-Learning
From time to time we get asked to develop a bespoke learning management system for a training provider that wants to use e-learning to deliver compliance type training to multiple client organisations. Most of those training providers are already using an established off the shelf system - either Moodle or a commercial Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.

Working with a software development company - why your project management matters

24 May 17 Mike Bespoke Software
Effective project management is an essential part of any software development project and most software development companies will use a dedicated project manager to deliver the project on time and budget. Even small projects - just 1 developer - need someone to keep an eye on costs, progress and overall quality.

Bespoke software development and why you should pay for bug fixing

24 Mar 17 Mike Bespoke Software
Why should I pay you to fix bugs in software you've developed? That's a totally reasonable question that we sometimes get asked by a new client when we're discussing what happens after their software is launched.

Why do some software development projects fail?

20 Mar 17 Mike Bespoke Software
Sometimes we hear about a failing software development project and occasionally we're asked to help get one of those projects back on track. The projects are always different but most seem to go wrong for similar reasons.

Everything You Need To Know Before You Pick A Software Development Company

16 Mar 17 Mike Bespoke Software
Here are 6 things you need to know when you're looking for a software development company.

Save money and win more business with a bespoke CRM development

16 Mar 17 Mike Bespoke Software
Two things are notable about how organisations use software to collect and manage sales and marketing information about customers and potential customers.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity - Ignore at Your Peril

07 Feb 17 Mike Bespoke Software
What are your options if you’re a small or medium sized business with a mission critical web application and you’re worried about business continuity?

How much does it cost to develop a mobile app?

03 Feb 17 Mike Bespoke Software

Here's some guidance on cost for anyone thinking about developing a mobile app. It's based on our own experience of building mobile apps for customers who want to capture data on the move and then sync it back to a database in the cloud.

The guidance is based on two assumptions. Firstly, we build cross platform apps with Apache Cordova. It's a great solution when a client doesn't want to build a separate native app for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. We build one application that works across multiple platforms - this means lower development costs and significantly lower ongoing maintenance costs.

How we developed a course booking system for the Education and Training Foundation

01 Feb 17 Mike Bespoke Software  / Education & Training  / Learning Management Systems
The new course booking system that SkillsLogic developed for the Education and Training Foundation is a great example of how we work with a client to turn an initial set of broad requirements into a mission critical web application that delivers real value from the day it goes live.

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