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Skills Matrix, our online tutor management system, has had another of round of enhancements that should make it even more useful for organisations that manage large numbers of freelance or hourly-paid tutors and lecturers.

The focus of the upgrade was usability - making it easier for managers in FE Colleges and universities in particular to find hourly-paid staff, schedule them onto commissions and then confirm that work has been delivered prior to payment.

The improvements are:

  • Managers can now bulk update a freelancer’s schedule so that every session is marked as ‘delivered’. That’s a real time save for managers who timetable lots of repeat bookings for a particular tutor or lecturer.

  • Better searching for hourly-paid tutors in the pool and better filtering on commissions so that managers find it easier to see what’s been delivered in a particular month and what still needs to be marked as ‘delivered’.

  • Some improvements to the built in reports so that Finance now get a better view of manager spend across different budgets. There’s a new report that gives a breakdown for each manager - original budget, budget spent, budget earmarked for the future and amount remaining.

There will be more updates over the coming months as we get feedback from users and because Skills Matrix is a cloud based solution, there is no software for our clients to install. Planned updates are rolled out to live system outside of office hours and system downtime is usually no more than a few seconds.

Skills Matrix is a fully configurable online tutor management system.

Talk to us today and find out how we make it easier to recruit and manage your tutors or lecturers.

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