6 ways to grow your training business with a white label learning management system

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A white label learning management system sits between an off-the-shelf system and full bespoke solution. It’s a cost effective option for any training provider that wants to get up and running fast with their own branded learning management system.

A new learning management system creates opportunities - it’s a chance to look again at how you do things and find ways of using the new technology to accelerate the growth of your training business:

  1. It’s a white label system - make the most of that. Create a really strong brand for your online learning offer. Maybe this is an opportunity to revisit your current brand and/or website. Look for a system that is strong on content management and add quality content to the public part of the system that will strengthen your brand and catch the eye of your target market.

  2. Start to do blended learning - enhance face-to-face courses with high quality online learning. That might be easier in the first instance than creating an entirely new online offer. Then you begin to introduce more online learning - maybe that keeps you in touch with clients who you normally see only once or twice a year.

  3. Find a system that lets you publish your course catalog online. Make it as easy as possible for people to browse your catalogue and maybe even let them try out sample courses for free.

  4. Find a system that lets you take bookings online and use that to streamline your back office admin. Make sign up as easy as possible. Take as much friction out of the signup/enrolment process as possible. That’s particularly important if you’re trying to sell courses directly to home learners. And if you are selling courses to home learners, look for Facebook integration.

  5. Many employers want good mobile content. Get a mobile friendly system and emphasize your mobile credentials. Develop mobile friendly content, particularly if you’re delivering compliance type training to younger employees. Good mobile friendly content isn’t easy to find - is there a gap in your market?

  6. Cut your learner support costs by keeping functionality simple. Focus more effort on your brand, the marketing potential of the public part of your site and the e-learning content itself. A learning management system with lots of functionality doesn’t necessarily improve the learner experience. Remember, 80% of the value probably comes from 20% of the features.

It’s about your brand, good marketing and high quality e-learning content. There are some great feature rich off-the-shelf solutions, but a white label solution should be slightly different. You definitely don’t want the bigger end user support costs that come with other more complex systems, instead you want a simpler system that will showcase both your brand and your content.

SkillsLogic develops affordable bespoke learning management systems for training organisations that want to deliver high quality e-learning.

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