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If you got a nasty tummy bug back in the Spring then there is a pretty good chance that it was caused by a bacteria called Campylobacter. In 2010 there were more than 700,000 cases in the UK and it costs the UK more than £600m a year - that's more than Salmonella, Listeria and E.Coli combined. Campylobacter kills around 200 people a year.

The ENIGMA project is trying to understand more about Campylobacter and how it infects humans. ENIGMA is a large collaborative research project, led by the University of Liverpool, that wants to find out where infections get picked up; why there's a seasonal peak (the Spring); and how infections get transmitted through populations. Ultimately the research should make it easier to predict Campylobacter outbreaks and suggest ways to improve its control.

One part of the ENIGMA project is using the online video based training and learning management system we developed for clickLearner to capture data about how people perceive microbiological hazards in the countryside. Respondents get to watch short videos of typical outdoor scenarios - a family walking along a country path - and are then asked to click when they think they have identified a hazard. The system is also being used in another strand of the project that is investigating Campylobacter infections in young children - parents will be asked to watch sample videos and then identify potential microbiological hazards in the home.

SkillsLogic have been asked to make some changes to the clickLearner system to support the ENIGMA project. There's now support for the integration of third party applications so users can be passed across to clickLearner to complete surveys; we've improved the way clickLearner client sites can be re-skinned with project specific branding and we've enhanced the reporting part of the system - admins get a better dashboard view of the data captured in the system. We've also improved the way the system handles video - iPad support is excellent, clients can now upload their own bespoke videos and we support a wider range of video formats.

There's more about the ENIGMA project here and more about clickLearner here

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