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Ready for GDPR? Try our free GDPR awareness online course

31 Jan Dan Education & Training  / Bespoke Software  / E-Learning
Skillsby, the easy-to-use learning management system (LMS) from SkillsLogic, is offering a free GDPR course online titled 'GDPR Awareness' to help large and small organisations get to grips with the shake-up in data protection legislation.

Update: Animated gifs in bespoke E-learning

16 Jan Dan E-Learning
We recently published a light-hearted blog about using the ever popular animated gif for simple e-learning simulations and animations. Well a reader got in touch and sent us a truly educational gif animation - instructing how to parallel park.

Implementing cmi5 in our white label learning management system - Part 2 - Content Packaging

02 Jan Matt Learning Management Systems  / E-Learning
We have recently been enhancing the xAPI (formerly tin can API) content player in our white label learning management system (LMS) by implementing cmi5. These are some of our observations about the implementation. This part is about importing e-learning content into the learning management system.

Use of animated gifs as simulations in e-learning content

07 Dec Matt E-Learning
The gif file format is 30 years old and more popular than ever. In the post-flash world, despite some drawbacks, there is a role for the animated gif in simulations in e-learning content.

Implementing cmi5 in our bespoke learning management system - Part 1 - Introduction

30 Nov Matt Learning Management Systems  / E-Learning
We have recently been enhancing the xAPI (formerly tin can API) content player in the underlying code of our bespoke learning management system (LMS) by implementing cmi5. In a series of blog posts we will compare the cmi5 way of doing things with the native xAPI mechanisms and share some of our experiences of the implementation.

Useful scripts for checking Postgres replication lag

25 Nov Dan Bespoke Software
We have been using Postgres replication successfully now on a number of projects - mainly to ensure that we have data backed up in real-time to a separate disaster recovery site. But a useful side effect of having this up-to-date backup on a Postgres instance, is we now have the ability to take regular snapshots of it without affecting performance of the live site, and to provide read-only views onto the data with the benefit of it being bang up to date.

6 ways to grow your training business with a white label learning management system

15 Nov Mike Learning Management Systems  / E-Learning
A white label learning management system sits between an off-the-shelf system and full bespoke solution. It’s a cost effective option for any training provider that wants to get up and running fast with their own branded learning management system.

What is the easiest way to create SCORM e-learning content?

14 Nov Mike E-Learning  / Learning Management Systems
SCORM 1.2 is still the defacto standard for moving learner progress information backwards and forwards between e-learning content and the learning management system that hosts it. Anyone who wants to create interactive e-learning content needs to think about SCORM and you will almost certainly need to implement SCORM if you want to track learner progress in the learning management system.

How to sell courses online - 5 technology tips for better course marketing

26 Oct Mike E-Learning  / Learning Management Systems
There are specific things you can do if you want get better are marketing and selling courses online. You might be a training provider that sells face-to-face training to employers and now you want to produce online versions of some of your courses. You want your online courses found by as many employers as possible - they find the courses, maybe go for a free trial and then pay for access for their staff.

Six Must Haves in a White Label Learning Management System

24 Oct Mike Learning Management Systems  / E-Learning
What’s the best way for a training provider to deliver their own e-learning content to learners? Perhaps you’ve always done face to face training but now you would like to turn some of your existing materials and ideas into e-learning content? You’d like to generate revenue by enrolling remote learners on your e-learning course.

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