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Real time replication with PostgreSQL Part 2

By Dan • In Databases

In this second part of our two part post on real time data replication in PostgreSQL we're going to look at a simple setup of ‘hot standby’ master-slave replication in PostgreSQL.

For the purpose of demonstration we've setup a test rig with two virtual servers. The master server is on IP, and the standby is on

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Real time replication with PostgreSQL Part 1

By Dan • In Databases

Every important business web application needs a database backup strategy and in most cases a scheduled backup at a frequency agreed with the customer is good enough. You sleep easy at night because you know you can restore from an x hours old copy. And that’s on top of the extra resilience provided by modern RAID configured disk storage.

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Calculating medians in PostgreSQL with percentile_cont

By Dan • In Databases

SkillsLogic is developing a big reporting and data dashboard solution and as part of that we need to calculate a lot of medians.

Remember from school, the median of a list of numbers is found by sorting the values from lowest to highest and then picking the middle one. If there’s no middle then the median is typically defined to be the mean of the two middle values.

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